Welcome to Risdon Park Primary School.

When we enrol the child, we enrol the family! Our mission is to work in close partnership with families to provide the highest possible quality of education and care.  Our priority is to ensure children enjoy school and are successful.

At Risdon Park PS we provide an inclusive, safe and supportive learning environment. We strive for excellence and our vision is to nurture and academically challenge each student through our commitment to the Six Givens and Three Imperatives. We foster a positive and productive mindset through our core values of: Respect, Responsibility, Confidence and Persistence.


The 6 Givens for Every Learning Environment

  1. Atmosphere of High Expectations
  2. Quality Relationships
  3. Positive Classroom Tone
  4. Excellent Presentation and Handwriting
  5. Correction of Student Work and Constructive Feedback
  6. Excellent Classroom Display- Relevant and Educationally Stimulating

    The 3 Imperatives for Engagement

    All staff will ensure that:

  • Students are safe, have trust, respect and feel valued
  • Students have work at their level
  • Students have friends at school

We promote lifelong learning and the development of leaders. We understand that each individual can positively contribute and add value to the school community, and the wider community. This is resonated through our mantra: “Together we learn, together we achieve”.  Student leadership is fostered through their participation in the Student Representative Council, Kidsco.

Your child’s wellbeing is important to us. The school has adopted the Berry Street Education Model (BSEM) whole school approach to teaching and learning which aims to improve all students’ self-regulation, growth and academic achievement. The teaching strategies incorporate evidence-based trauma-aware teaching, positive education, and wellbeing practices. Our Behaviour Policy is underpinned by the BSEM Principles with a focus on ‘rebuilding the relationship’ through Restorative Practices. The Student Wellbeing Leader, Aboriginal Community Education Officers and Aboriginal Education Teacher work with leadership and staff to develop individual programs to meet the needs of students.

Literacy for all is a social justice. We are committed to using evidence based approaches such as Explicit Instruction and Direct Instruction to provide a high quality reading program. Our structured and routine literacy block ensures daily practice of the essential reading components.  This includes  a Phonics/Phonological Awareness Warm-Up, Jolly Phonics/Grammar, Spelling Mastery and Guided Reading. Guided Reading is extensively resourced across R-6 to enable small groups and a differentiated reading program to extend all learners.

Numeracy-Using mathematical skills and knowledge purposefully. The Risdon Park PS Problem Solving Agreement provides a whole school explicit process for teaching problem solving. Students use manipulates, visual and abstract strategies to solve real life problems and explain their reasoning.

Other Curriculum areas provide a diverse and comprehensive education for students. These include Health and Physical Education, Science, The Arts, Technologies, Italian, History and Social Sciences.  Choir, instrumental music lessons and Footsteps Dance Academy are additional enriching learning activities we offer. Students are encouraged to participate in a range of inter school sports including SAPSASA competitions.

Our staff and students are supported by an active and involved Governing Council which contributes positively to our school community through improvement of facilities and future planning.

Teachers have the greatest impact on student learning. Priority is given to developing the expertise of our staff in evidence based teaching practice. All students have a right to high quality care and education.

Students are provided with every opportunity to be successful through: the flexible learning options that an open space classroom environment offers, our expert staff, small class sizes, extensive in class support, structured play activities, cross school buddy classes and contemporary class room technology.

Our picturesque and spacious grounds also provide a vibrant environment for student to enjoy during break times.

Please make a time to tour our school and see learning in action.

We welcome you to Risdon Park PS and look forward to meeting you!

Julie Petersen



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